In 2019 Mike launched the Pike&Rose Kettlebell Club to bring the community, fitness benefits, and good-spirited competition of kettlebell sport lifting to North Bethesda. The PRKC has grown from a small pet project to the anchor club of a Onelife Fitness family of kettlebell clubs around the DC area with a dozen supportive coaches across the company. Meets between clubs are lively and we’re all about bragging rights and rib pokes. Serious lifting doesn’t have to take itself too seriously.

Lift bells. Live better.

PRKC meets at Onelife Fitness Pike&Rose in North Bethesda. We have every kind of lifter – from 16 years old to 68, men and women, complete beginners who’ve never lifted to ranked competitive athletes. We have a fun and supportive attitude, there’s no intimidation here! Everyone lifts, and we all get fit together. Workouts include kettlebell sport, fitness lifts, TRX, med balls, and bodyweight work for a total workout.

Kettlebell Sport is an internationally recognized sport with 3 primary lifts – single arm snatch, double or single arm jerk, and double or single arm clean+jerk (called Long Cycle). Sets are either 5 or 10 minutes long, and lifters compete to see how many reps they can achieve in that time for each lift. You can’t put the bells down during your set.

PRKC and the Onelife clubs follow recognized Sport Lifting standards and tables.