“I honestly feel transformed in some essential way since I have been working with Mike. Since I started working with Mike late in 2018, I have become a woman who feels comfortable in the weight area of the gym— a place that used to intimidate me. I am lifting things heavier than I ever imagined I could. I can lift things at home with little effort that a year ago I would have been afraid to lift for fear of an injury. I no longer worry about a knee issue that’s been hounding me for a while (patella maltracking), I have more confidence in myself overall and can’t wait to keep getting stronger and hopefully becoming “bad-ass” as Mike has been known to say.”

Maureen J, Rockville MD

“I’ve been working with Mike for a few months now.  I’ve experienced him as a trainer both in-person, and virtually.  There are many good trainers our there, and Mike is certainly one of them.  However, what sets him apart are two things:

– He listens to his clients, customizing a program that suits their needs and wishes.  I want to learn.  He got that right away, and has been a pleasure to work with.  

– He does a better job than anyone else I’ve ever worked with at explaining a new exercise.  If I had to choose any trainer, I would choose Mike. He showed this old man how to use and love kettlebells!”

Stan K., Rockville MD

“Mike has always gone above and beyond for his clients regardless if we’re physically training with him at the gym or virtually. I’m very pleased with the results from my training with Mike. Mike has continued to keep the workout fun and challenging. Sport&Health is the first gym that I’ve ever signed up to join and Mike is the reason why I’m still on my fitness journey and at the gym. “

Huong S., Wheaton MD

“Mike has helped me and my boyfriend to commit to a consistent training routine that works for both of us. He knows us really well and used that knowledge to develop a routine that helps us overcome our weaknesses and builds on our strengths. With Mike’s routine it actually is fun to work out and get closer to our goals. Thanks so much Mike!”

Diane U and Alejandro F, Switzerland

“I am deeply grateful for the time I spent learning appropriate training technics and habits from you. I can see exponential results like you predicted. Thank you for your professionalism and work ethics my friend.”

Edem K., Bethesda MD

“I truly appreciate the time you’ve spent with me and the attention to getting me past both my injuries and fear of hurting myself. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and finally feel really confident in the gym. I can’t thank you enough for changing my life!”

Michel M., Bethesda MD

“Veronica and I have so enjoyed our training with you! At the weight racks or on the floor with kettlebells we always had a great time. You make working out fun, which is really important to us and we’re stronger than we’ve ever been. Thanks, Mike!”

Veronica and Patrick, Wiesbaden Germany

“I’m definitely enjoying working with Mike. I never would have guessed that I would get into lifting weights, but he’s made the process really clear and I feel like I’m getting stronger already. How did I wait this long to do this?!?!”

Jessica N., Potomac MD

“I can’t stress enough how big a difference the personal training sessions with Mike are making for me and my fiance! The programs that Mike designs for us hit exactly the right spots and make a noticeable difference on our fitness and health. Mike adapts the program regularly to accommodate our needs, e.g. when we grow stronger, or when we have an achy joint or an unbalanced muscle group some days. Mike motivates us to keep going and give our best at all times. Mike’s classes are always hell of fun and creates an atmosphere that is motivating and keeps us coming back.”

Diane U., North Bethesda MD

“Mike’s classes are awesome! The workout is always varied and hits every part of your body. He takes the time to explain the purpose of the exercise and demonstrate the proper form, modifying for each individual based on fitness level and skill.  Mike checks on everyone’s form and makes corrections where necessary. He’s very motivating with a high energy level and keeps the class moving along.  I’ve taken a bunch of other online classes and, well, they are mostly all just boring and I can’t even finish them.  Mike definitely makes the class feel very personal and fun.  Mike even puts up with my kids, who are the official co-founders of the Trainer Mike Fan Club. “

Sarah I., Garret Park MD