Who’s “That Guy”?

Mike “That Guy” Silverman is more than a trainer. He’s an advocate for the “That Guy” lifestyle. That Guy is a fitness mindset that is counter to all the common fitness marketing.

Everything in fitness is focused on having the beautiful trainer, the cliche talk about dreams and amazingness, the images of the competition body that’s simply not realistic for 99% of the world. And it’s ALL BULLSHIT.

Who’s your trainer?
Who’s confident?
Who’s kicking ass every day?

The answer is simple – That Guy.

Tired of looking at a fitness ad and just not seeing yourself? Are you just returning to fitness after, you know, life happened? Looking for a trainer who’s not an Instagram model, but a normal dude that gets it?

That Guy. You wanna be That Guy. (or That Chick – it’s a phrase, just roll with it….)

Why not focus on simply being your best self? In being comfortable with exactly who (and how) you are, exactly where you are, and being completely unapologetic about it?

If you’re way beyond your healthy weight, and your goal is to not be, having a dad bod is a huge win! Why in the world would you not want to simply be stronger and fitter than yesterday?

Not every woman wants be a fitness brand ambassador or in a bikini competition. She’s going to be a size 14, and she’s going to love it, and she’s going to be that chick. And she’s going to be completely cool with that, and that’s exactly how she oughta be.

Screw the standards, screw the trend, screw the marketing.

Be “That Guy”. Be “That Chick”. Own your body and love it.

Own your fitness.

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