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Tough Temple Kettlebell Club Unlimited
TTKC is a small group training program focused on endurance, muscle building, conditioning, and FUN! All TTKC workouts feature kettlebell sport technique, but include fitness lifting and multiple appliances. TTKC Unlimited brings you 20+ workouts a month in our gym, take as many classes as you like!

TTKC features three classes, held several times weekly:

Fit and Flow workouts feature kettlebells, barbells, TRX, bands, and more to get you stronger than you’ve ever been. FnF is a strength focused program for all level lifters. And yes, we have FUN!

TTKC Sport Workouts are endurance focused with an emphasis on technique, safety, and and community vibe. We train roughly 75% towards sport lifting styles/ Fun and a sweaty time for intermediate to advanced kettlebell lifters – headed for the platform or not!

Kettlebell Combine is our newest class that focuses on three lifts, combined with three endurance moves, and helps lifters of any level get results QUICK! Cleans and jumping jacks? Swings and battle ropes? All done in a HIIT format? Oh, you know it!

Tough Temple Kettlebell Club Drop-In

Try a single session of ANY TTKC class. This is a great option for people dipping their toes or trying to see what’s the best fit for you!

District Kettlebell Online
DKA Online brings the programming and vibe of our TTKC Team Workout to you, wherever you are, in HD! This is NOT a “download and follow” workout, we’re live and two-way. You’re in the studio (on monitors) with our coaches who are are using HD cameras and mics to bring you a great fitness experience.

You’ll see your team mates, the coaches, and the movements as you join in. Our workouts bring coaches from our local league and across the country into the mix, so you can learn from the best and train with people from across the country.


Personal Training with Mike
Looking for something tailored to you? Maybe you’re doing wedding prep or working to lose that last bit of baby belly? Working towards your first 5k? Trying to deadlift your twins? About to have twins? Just looking forward to feeling better each day and taking control of your body?

Whatever the goal, Mike’s ready to help you hit it.